Our centre is deeply committed to providing a warm challenging and positive environment to encourage each child to develop to his/her fullest potential at their own pace as well as gain independence, initiative and positive self-esteem.

We believe that

Children learn through collaboration and communication with other children and adults as they interact with their environment.

Children need opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas including language and literacy, creative and expressive arts, mathematics, science and social and emotional development which work towards learning outcomes as expressed in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) – ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming’.

A rich, stimulating and nurturing environment has the potential to stimulate imagination, promote creativity and enhance knowledge of aesthetic development.

Diversity within our centre, families, staff and wider community should be respected and celebrated so we can play a role in fostering and developing a social conscience among children with a view to addressing social inequities

Our aim is to:

Create a stimulating atmosphere including an educational based environment formulated on the needs and interests of the children.

Create a safe, secure and trusting environment.

Treat all children equally, regardless of sex, colour, race or religious beliefs.

Promote self-expression and encourage creativity and individuality in all learning areas.

Encourage children to show creativity and individuality in all areas of learning.

Provide opportunities for all children to create a positive approach to themselves, each other and the world around them.

Create an environment where children have freedom to choose and explore in their area of interest and are encouraged to excel in this area.

Encourage learning and discovery in a happy and informal atmosphere.

Provide healthy, well-balanced fresh foods throughout the day.

Utilize the large open space of the centre to provide a stimulating environment.

Therefore we:

Implement a flexible program that is responsive to the evolving nature of the early childhood environment and provides for different learning styles.

Document our observations of children to form the basis of the program.

Use both the indoor and outdoor environment to encourage the children’s ability to observe, perceive, explore, investigate, imagine, make choices and problem solve.

Provide attractive, well maintained play areas, with the thoughtful use of furnishings and displays.

Introduce children to a wide range of social and cultural experiences and family uniqueness to learn to value diversity and to accept challenges they may face, so that they can become active and informed citizens.

We strongly believe that each child’s family is unique in its experiences, culture, customs and beliefs. Our staff is strongly committed to build a strong partnership with parents in the on-going care, development and education of their children. Staff and parents are encouraged to keep each other informed of the child’s progress.

Our staff work as a team, working together to support each other and ensure that the highest of care and pride is maintained within the centre at all times. Our consistent team effort ensures opportunity for the growth and personal development of a well-trained and caring group of teachers, who will always be there for the children.