Children’s Rooms

Joey’s Cottage is made up of two educational rooms, the Rosellas and Pelicans catering for mixed aged groups. The learning environment is designed to facilitate children’s interest and extend on their learning. We aim to assist the children to develop to their full potential by providing a challenging and positive environment, to encourage each child to gain independence, initiative, problem solving skills, positive self-esteem. The children are supported individually and in small groups.

Children’s Outdoor Area

Joey’s Cottage has a large custom designed outdoor area that engages children to explore and investigate the natural environment. Play areas are designed to foster children’s learning, inquiry and investigation. Outdoor learning spaces are a feature at Joey’s Cottage. Play spaces in the natural environment include:-

Play spaces in the natural environment include:-

  1. Natural play spaces with trees and plants
  2. Edible vegetable gardens
  3. Rock and sand pits
  4. Fixed play equipment with bridge and slide
  5. Large grass area for directed activities
  6. Large outdoor verandah
  7. Decking platform and outdoor kitchen
  8. Water play
  9. Chicken and duck pens.
  10. Worm farms and composting promoting sustainability.
preschool warwick farm


Healthy nutritious meals are prepared onsite in our custom kitchen prepared by our qualified cook.

Meals provided includes breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon snack.

Meals are designed to fit the National Health and Medical Research Council’s dietary requirements guide for young children. Meals are prepared safely and in culturally appropriate ways. A copy of the menu is available at the service.

Our centre will cater for children with additional requirements and allergies.

Our services abide by the guidelines in ‘Munch and Move‘, a NSW health initiative. Some of the guidelines that we support are:

  1. Eat fewer snacks and select healthier options
  2. Get active everyday
  3. Choose water as a drink
  4. Eat more fruit and vegetables
  5. Turn off the TV and computer and get active

Parking/ Safety Measures

  1. Joeys Cottage has CCTV surveillance and a security door and intercom system to ensure the safety of the children in our care.
  2. Joey’s Cottage has onsite designated parking area for staff and families.