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Joey’s Cottage Warwick Farm Early Education & Child Care Centre

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Joey’s Cottage is a purpose-driven child care centre in Warwick Farm, a vibrant and nurturing environment where your child can have an unforgettable early learning experience. At our centre, children develop independence, initiative and positive self-esteem through a play-based curriculum that sparks curiosity and exploration. We believe in creating a positive journey into the heart of child development, ensuring your child embarks on a remarkable preschool near you.

Growing Together: A Family-Centric Approach to Early Learning

At Joey’s Cottage, we believe a child’s journey to learning begins at home, within the heart of their family. By embracing the diverse backgrounds, cultures and traditions that each family brings, we create a rich and inclusive learning environment. This collaborative approach ensures open communication and allows us to work together in nurturing the strengths and interests of each child.

We Celebrate Differences and Cultural Diversity

At Joey’s Cottage, we have created a welcoming atmosphere that allows children to feel comfortable expressing themselves and appreciating the unique qualities of their peers, both within Warwick Farm and from neighbouring areas like Georges Hall, Moorebank and Liverpool.

We also proudly acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, the Cabrogal clan of the Darug Nation. By honouring Indigenous culture, we create a space where all traditions and experiences are valued. This focus on inclusivity plays a vital role in shaping young minds and fostering social awareness from a young age.

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Winner for Early Childhood Education for Local Business Award 2023

Winner for early childhood education for local business award
Winner for early childhood education for local business award
Winner for early childhood education for local business award
Winner for early childhood education for local business award

Why choose Joey’s Cottage?

A Well-Rounded, Holistic Curriculum

Our preschool near you offers a holistic educational program, carefully designed to nurture the whole child. Children in our program engage in a rich variety of learning experiences across key developmental areas. Our curriculum aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) themes of “Belonging, Being and Becoming,” ensuring a strong foundation for future success.

Discover the Pre-Lit Advantage

The Pre-Lit Program is a skill-based approach specifically designed for preschoolers. It provides a strong foundation for your child’s future educational journey by nurturing a love for reading and writing in a fun and engaging way. The program utilises a play-based approach to help your child develop essential literacy skills like letter recognition, phonemic awareness and vocabulary building.

Fostering Environmental Awareness

At Joey’s Cottage, we aspire to create a safe, clean and sustainable future. We actively involve both educators and children in caring for our environment, promoting eco-friendly practices through education and collaboration. Through fun and engaging activities, children learn valuable lessons about recycling, water conservation, and the importance of protecting our planet.

Enrol Your Child in Warwick Farm’s Best Early Education & Child Care Centre

Trust Our Passionate Team of Qualified Educators

While you can find several childcare centres and preschools in Chipping Norton, Moorebank, Lansdowne and nearby suburbs, not all are backed up by a dedicated team of educators.

To ensure your children are learning in a nurturing environment, it is a must to trust well-established preschools like Joey’s Cottage. Our child care in Warwick Farm features a group of well-trained and caring educators who are committed to the all-round development of young minds.

Benefits of Considering Early Childhood Education in Warwick Farm

When Googling terms like ‘childcare centre near me,’ or ‘preschool in Liverpool,’ you might wonder if you really need to invest in an early childcare education. Well, to help you make an informed choice, we have listed the top benefits of early childhood education programs:

    • Cognitive Development
  • During the early years, the brain experiences rapid growth, making it a prime time to learn and develop new skills. Early childhood education programs in Warwick Farm provide a stimulating environment filled with age-appropriate activities that promote cognitive development.
  • Childcare centres in Moorebank and other suburbs in Sydney typically design a play-based learning approach for the children to explore numbers, shapes, colours and letters.
  • The kids learn to solve problems, think critically, and develop a love for learning that will benefit them throughout their schooling.
    • Social and Emotional Development
  • Early childhood education goes beyond academics. These programs provide opportunities to interact with other children and build friendships. They learn valuable social skills like sharing, taking turns, and expressing emotions.
  • This helps them navigate social situations confidently and builds a strong foundation for healthy relationships throughout life.
  • As the children learn to navigate social situations, they gain confidence in interacting with others. This can help them overcome shyness, develop leadership skills, and express themselves clearly.
    • Building New Routines
  • Routines bring comfort and stability. When children understand what to expect throughout the day, they feel less anxious and more confident in new environments.
  • Early childhood education programs in Warwick Farm focus on establishing clear routines that mirror what your child will encounter in a school setting.
  • Without exposure to routines, children might find the sudden structure of school overwhelming. They might struggle to adapt to changing activities, resist following instructions, or have difficulty managing their emotions during transitions.
  • However, we can help you surpass this challenge. Our experienced educators understand the importance of routines. We create a predictable and consistent environment where children learn to:
    -Follow clear instructions.
    -Transition smoothly between activities.
    -Wait their turn and listen attentively.
    -Regulate their emotions during changes in the routine.
    • Makes It Easier for Parents to Achieve a Healthy Work-life Balance
  • Raising a child is a rewarding yet demanding journey. Between work, household duties and caring for your little one, finding time for yourself can feel impossible.
  • At Joey’s Cottage, we understand the challenges busy parents face. The flexibility that a preschool in Chipping Norton or Warwick Farm offers allows you to manage all your work, be it a doctor’s visit, a personal appointment or simply running errands. You also have the freedom to pursue your career goals or educational aspirations.
  • Lastly, knowing that your child is happy and engaged at our centre, and being managed by capable hands allows you to recharge and come back feeling refreshed and ready to be the best parent you can be.

Discover Freedom & Flexibility with Joey’s Cottage Childcare Support

At Joey’s Cottage, we offer a variety of flexible options to cater to your individual needs:

  • Full-time, Part-time and Casual Care: Choose the schedule that best fits your work commitments and lifestyle. Our enrollment and fees are designed to accommodate different schedules.
  • Extended Hours: We offer extended hours to accommodate parents with early mornings or late evenings.
  • Vacation Care: Don’t worry about childcare during school holidays. Our vacation care program keeps your child entertained and engaged while you take some well-deserved time off.

Let Your Little One Learn, Play and Develop Early Socialisation Skills in Our Preschool in Warwick Farm

Are you excited to give your child’s education a perfect start? Get in touch with Joey’s Cottage – a safe and supervised learning environment, ideal to support your children’s academic and personal growth journey. Book a visit today to learn more about our childcare setting and curriculum.


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