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Families in Liverpool often aim to find a daycare where their little ones can learn, play and grow in a safe and stimulating environment. Joey’s Cottage is a purpose-built child care Liverpool facility designed with your child’s needs in mind. It’s not just a place to leave your children while you’re at work – it’s a place where learning and joy intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. We believe that fostering young minds goes beyond academics. This is why we focus on the whole-child development approach, encouraging independence, initiative, and a positive sense of self-esteem.

Learning and Growing as a Community

Joey’s Cottage isn’t just a place, it’s a warm hug for every family in Liverpool and nearby areas. We recognise that parents and guardians are a child’s first teachers, and thus, we actively collaborate with each child’s family to foster a diverse and inclusive preschool community. Through regular communication and updates on your child’s progress, we ensure everyone feels involved and informed.

We Celebrate and Embrace Diversity

We believe every child deserves to see themselves reflected in the world around them, and that starts right here. We open our doors wide to children of all backgrounds and cultures. Our qualified educators celebrate diversity and respect the traditions that each family brings to our community, promoting a sense of belongingness and respect.

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Winner for Early Childhood Education for Local Business Award 2023

Winner for early childhood education for local business award
Winner for early childhood education for local business award
Winner for early childhood education for local business award
Winner for early childhood education for local business award

Why choose Joey’s Cottage?

Positive and Personalised Learning Experience

At Joey’s Cottage, we understand that every child is unique, with their own pace, interest and style of learning. Our educators cater to individual needs, ensuring a personalised learning experience for each child.

We create opportunities for children to build friendships, develop empathy and learn to navigate social situations positively and constructively. Confidence is not left out of the equation either. Through stimulating activities and play-based learning, we encourage children to think critically, solve problems and develop a love for learning.

Incorporating the PreLit Program into Our Curriculum

We’ve incorporated the Pre-Lit Program, developed by Macquarie University, into our curriculum. This program is specifically designed for preschoolers and focuses on developing essential early literacy skills through a fun and engaging play-based approach.

The Pre-Lit Program equips your child with a strong foundation in areas like phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development and comprehension.

Building a Cleaner and Sustainable Future

Joey’s Cottage isn’t just about fun and friends – it’s also about nurturing little eco-warriors in our safe and secure facility!

To spark the love for our planet from a young age, we plant seeds of environmental awareness through creative and engaging activities. We explain the concept of recycling and sustainability in a fun way and encourage children to embrace small but sustainable habits to create a healthier and safer tomorrow.

Let Your Child Learn and Play in a Nurturing Environment

Our Tutors: Qualified Educators Invested in Your Child’s All Round Development

The strength of Joey’s Cottage lies in our team of dedicated educators. We support each other’s growth and personal development, ensuring we remain a well-trained, caring group committed to the highest standards of early childhood education.

Let Us Help You Enjoy the Precious Preschool Era

Starting a preschool in Liverpool can be both exciting and overwhelming, and we want this transition to be completely hassle-free for both you and your child. To help you relax and embrace this change positively, we offer a variety of resources and support systems to help prepare your child for preschool life; here are a few:

    • We offer orientation visits to familiarise your child with our classrooms and daily routines
    • Check with our team to learn practical tips and tricks to address any anxieties your child might have about starting preschool
    • We allow bringing a familiar toy, blanket or any comfort object that can help your child feel at ease
    • We encourage you to meet our qualified educators and ask any questions you may have about our child care Liverpool centre

You’re More Than Welcome to Visit Our Liverpool Daycare Facility

It’s natural to want to experience the environment where your child will spend a big fraction of their day. To make an informed decision, feel free to enquire about our early childhood education expertise and childcare programs. In fact, we recommend you schedule a personalised tour of the entire facility where all of your questions will be duly answered. Contact Joey’s Cottage for more information or to book a visit.

Say Yes to Your Child’s Promising Future

We invite you to visit our preschool in Liverpool and experience the magic firsthand. Schedule a tour, meet our team and see why Joey’s Cottage is the perfect place for your child to take flight.
Contact us today to enquire about enrolment into our child care Liverpool programs and schedule your personalised tour of our one-of-a-kind facility!


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