At Joey’s Cottage we strive to provide high quality care and education to the children and families within the service by having trained and experienced staff. We are deeply committed to providing a warm, challenging and positive environment to encourage each child to develop to his/her fullest potential at their own pace as well as gain independence, initiative and positive self-esteem.

In respect to children, Joey’s Cottage will:

Develop their strengths and interests in a variety of learning experiences, keeping in mind that the children are individuals and develop at their own pace.

Embrace cultural diversity and encourage the children to become familiar with a variety of cultures and their customs. Children’s home language is valued within the service and families are encouraged to share their language with the staff and centre.

Encourage socially responsible behaviour towards others and develop positive feeling of self-worth. Staff scaffold and support children’s learning, autonomy, confidence and self-esteem through a variety of strategies by listening to children, playing an active role in their learning, providing the opportunity for self-help and achievements of tasks, praise and encouragement.

Have predictable routines throughout the day and to offer consistent child care within a flexible framework.

Provide a safe, hygienic and secure environment where the children learn through play.

Encourage children with special needs to become involved in all aspects of the programme and provide adaptable experiences and routines to promote inclusion.

Base the children’s program around the children’s interests, emerging skills and strengths.
This will ensure the program is meaningful to the children and child centred.

In respect to families, Joey’s Cottage will:

Develop partnerships with families that help create links between the children, their home life and the centre. All family types are respected within our service and family backgrounds and abilities are valued and incorporated into many aspects of the service.

Provide a welcoming atmosphere through active communication where families will feel encouraged to participate in the daily works of the centre and feel a sense of belonging. Provide awareness and information on current early childhood issues, standards and practises.







In respect to staff, Joey’s Cottage will:

Respect and appreciate what each member brings to the centre and the children. Their qualifications, experiences, backgrounds, talents and abilities are valued among the team.

Provide the staff with guidance and ongoing support to reach the professional satisfaction and growth.

Support the staff with ongoing training and development to further their skills and development in their field.

Promote teamwork.



In respect to the environment, Joey’s Cottage will:

We believe that the physical environment plays an important role in the development and learning of children, we will endeavour to provide and create and maintain an environment that will develop each child to their full potential and extend children’s holistic development.

Provide children with quality indoor and outdoor environments and endeavour to create a home like atmosphere with comfort, safety and aesthetics taken at all times.

Staff adhere to the regulations and standards set within the Early Childhood field and the centres policies and procedures will be implemented. The policies and procedures are also available to families in the foyer area.

We believe the program encourages children to reach their full potential through the environment as a third teacher. We will draw on the experiences and knowledge referring to Children’s Services Regulations, the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Childcare Accreditation Council standards.