To all at Joey’s Cottage,

“My grandson Toller, has just moved on from preschool to Kindergarten. I want to express my deepest admiration for the way you run your preschool, and the results you have achieved. I look at Toller’s learning profile and am amazed at how much detail you have managed to capture for those of us who were not there. Every aspect of your operation is admirable—only healthy food allowed, good security at points of entrance, plenty of intellectual stimulation as well as constructive play. I especially like the emphasis on narrating events at news time.

I can only say thanks for the two happy years he spent with you.”


“I have seen my children develop socially and academically in this fun and learning environment. The teachers are extremely dedicated and love leading the children in interesting activities, games and play techniques. In turn, my children adore their teachers and consider them as friends. The centre has two large structured classrooms which give the children room to grow, develop and explore. As soon as I walked into Joey’s Cottage, I knew this was going to be a happy place where my three children could learn and grow.”

Nancy Thompson

My sincere thanks for all you have done for my boys over the years. I felt comfort every time I dropped them off at Joey’s and left them in your safe hands. The patience you have with kids amazes me. I will miss looking at the daily activity book and I will definitely miss your little chats in the afternoon. You have been great teachers and friends. We will miss you.

Karen F