Our Service


Our centre employs a qualified cook as required by The Department of Community Services and all our staff has attended a Food Handlers course.

Meal times are pleasant and provide an environment for social learning and positive interaction between children and staff. For young children it is essential that they have a nutritionally balanced diet for healthy growth and development. We therefore aim to provide nutritious, well balanced meals incorporating foods from the 5 food groups. These balanced meals include, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

We ask parents NOT to place food or drink in their child’s bag.

Due to the number of children with nut allergies, we aim to not keep products containing nuts in the centre.

Kids bakingParents are welcome to bring a cake to celebrate their child’s birthday. Please advise staff before bringing the cake. NO NUTS OR ALCHOHOL TO BE IN THE INGREDIENTS. Lolly bags should not be given to the children.




Special dietary requirements 

Please advise our staff if your child is following a special diet.


Allergies, Cultural Preferences and medical conditions 

Please advise staff if your child has any allergies, cultural preferences or medical conditions. Staff will work with you to ensure your child’s needs are met whilst in our care.